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9. August 2012 - Redesign
Sooo, es isch wieder mol so wit!
han wieder mol es redsign gmacht. Ich hoff es gfallt eu;) falls nöd drucked F5 und denn chunt dsite scho ime ganz andere Liecht deher und wer weiss viellicht sogar asprechend
greets Jonas
14. Januar. 2011 The Day of Awesomeness - Bring the Music
yoyoyo! there is a new HTML5-Play0r! Isn't that awesome! Check out the sound of the newcomer DJ Sam DoubleDrop from Riedikon!!11elf :)
10. Dez 2010 - Facebook
did some Facebook-integration, hell yeah! xD
Click on the I-like-button in the footer of the page :)
24. Feb. 2010 - Database
Try to fill my news into the database
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